Dynamo participates in Innotransfer Microelectronics

The Valencian Community has become a thriving hub for microelectronic design in Spain, with over 60% of the country’s semiconductor activity concentrated in the region, standing out as a major player in the rapidly evolving chip industry.

To celebrate this dynamic ecosystem and foster collaboration, the Scientific Park of the University of Valencia (PCUV) held the Innotransfer event in Microelectronics. This event was a meeting point for companies, research groups, and entities to showcase their contributions to the sector’s advancements in the Valencian Community, offering a comprehensive overview of progress at the national and international levels.

Key industry stakeholders, such as the Valencia Silicon Cluster, Ametic and CDTI’s Chip Missions participated in the event, enhancing the event’s significance. 

Daniel Torrent Martí, member of the research group GROC UJI and project coordinator of Dynamo, participated by presenting the project as a microelectronics working case in the panel discussion: “Research groups point of view”


By bringing together these influential players, Innotransfer Microelectronics aimed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, driving advancements in microelectronic design and solidifying the Valencian Community’s position in the chip industry.