CSIC presented Dynamo project to students in the Annual Women in Science Event – Le Rosey School

On January 27th 2023, Dr. Ana Conde (CSIC) was invited to participate in the Annual Women in Science Event – Le Rosey School, organized every year in  Gstaad, Switzerland where she presented the research conducted at Dynamo to the students of Le Rosey School. 


This annual event is mainly focused on STEM among secondary school students and, specially, among girls and is actually organized by students from the Women in Sci Committee that look for international researchers to attend the event through a workshop and an inspirational talk. 

As CSIC is one of the members of Dynamo’s project consortium, Dr. Ana Conde not only participated in performing eye-catching experiments but also presenting to the students the research conducted within Dynamo’s project framework.

Dr. Ana Conde’s contribution to the event, ended up with an inspirational talk centered on sharing her experience regarding the researcher’s career path with the students and mentioning some inspiring women in the field, with the aim of arousing school-age girls’ interest in STEM.