Dynamic Carpooling Service for People on the Move
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Dynamic Carpooling Service for People on the Move

Work Packages

WP1: Management

Project management activities which are essential for the successful implementation of DYNAMO project

WP2: User Requirements and NTBs Consolidation

Survey, analysis and consolidation of the reservations, requirements and wishes of prospective users towards the service and the NTBs likely to affect the service

WP3: Service Design

Provision of the service with a concrete design for implementing the communications and application platform to the project.

WP4: Development of the Spatial Capabilities

Matching of users based on their actual routes through the road network

WP5: Service Implementation

Implementation of the service design with respect to both the WEB and mobile service interfaces, followed by disciplined integration and testing.

WP6: Service Deployment and Verification

Deployment of the service in strict adhesion to the integration discipline and methodology created in WP5.

WP7: Service Validation and User Appraisal

Validation of the service in terms of its technical performance and its acceptance by real users.

WP8: Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination of the project results to the widest possible audience, key factors nad stakeholders, in the light of maximizing exploitation potential.