Dynamic Carpooling Service for People on the Move
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Dynamic Carpooling Service for People on the Move

Project Description

The aim of the proposed project is to provide a service that combats non-technical barriers, such as security concerns and issues of travelling with strangers, and provides a technologically sophisticated service while still allowing access to the service from commonly used regular mobile phones. The system will comprise of:

  1. a web interface for desktop users,
  2. a web interface for mobile phones,

The service will allow users to offer and request ride sharing journeys using their phones' GPS (where available and in cases where the journey is about to start immediately) and a simplified user interface (based on landmarks rather than map co-ordinates); and match them with other users (automatically or manually).

Eurostars Eureka

Work Packages

  • User Requirements and NTBs Consolidation
  • Service Design
  • Development of the spatial capabilities
  • Service Implementation
  • Service Deployment and Verification
  • Service Validation and User Appraisal
  • Dissemination and Exploitation